Sarasota Troubador Dean Johanesen Seeks Kickstarter Support for Solo CD

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Dean Johanesen is one of Sarasota´s most prolific songwriters and the first Sarasota resident to be signed to the brand new WHOA record label. In order to make the most of this opportunity, Dean has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help him raise the funds necessary to finish producing his solo CD, print duplications for distribution, and develop promotional materials. As one of Sarasota´s own, we hope that the Sarasota Music Scene can band together to help Dean meet his goal of $5,000.

Dean has made a name for himself not only by playing 3-4 solo gigs a week throughout the area and playing with his band The Human Condition, but also by opening up opportunities for other artists to find their voices and share their art. Starting with a Songwriter´s Circle every second Saturday at the Starkeeper Cafe, Dean created a convergence of creativity whereby several of the area´s many songwriters got to share their songs with one another and with each others´ particular audiences. Dean then continued on with the Starkeeper Cafe to start one of Sarasota´s most beloved open mic nights on Mondays, where attendees can also get the world´s best Cuban sandwich.

Dean´s style draws from a number of influences, but appeals to fans of Country, Americana, and Gypsy Jazz. A consummate performer, Dean not only tells good stories through his music, but seems to live them them in every note. For all that he has done for the Sarasota music community, and for the incredibly talented musician that he is, please go to Dean Johaneson´s Kickstarter page and pledge to help make Sarasota a place where deserving artists are supported and encouraged to thrive.

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