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Sarasota Ballet makes a triumphant return for its 27th season with "The Secret Garden"

The Sarasota Ballet made a triumphant return for its 27th season with the magical production “The Secret Garden” choreographed by Will Tuckett. The ballet was choreographed for the Sarasota Ballet and was first performed three years ago. Time to grow is good for any garden, and this one was more lush and elaborate with the passage of a few seasons. “The Secret Garden,” with its timeless message about the healing powers of nature, seems particularly well suited to the Sarasota Ballet nurtured…


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"In the Heights" - a tour de force production exploding with heart!

Every once in awhile a show comes along that grips you from start to finish; and the Westcoast Black Theatre Company’s latest show “In the Heights,” which opened October 14th, was a tour de force production exploding with heart.


Before the show began, Nate Jacobs, Founder and Artistic Director, explained that years ago he couldn’t afford to go to Broadway to see Lin-Manuel Miranda’s breakout production “In the Heights,” but that the Latin inspired musical that…


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Dog Days Theatre - Inaugural Season Off to a Steamy Start With Relatively Speaking

Dog Days Theatre a new series presented by the FSU Asolo Conservatory is a welcome relief for sleepy Sarasota summers. Season can be such a whirlwind when the Sarasota arts scene kicks into high gear, but now even Sarasota summer has much to recommend it.


Kelly Elizabeth Smith and Wyatt C. McNeil…


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"Broadway in Black" steams up the summer on the Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe stage!

Just when the doldrums of the steamy summer sets in, Sarasota audiences can count on the Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe to provide a much-needed jolt with their annual summer musical revue. “Broadway in Black” opened June 24th and runs through July 23rd featuring just over 50 musical numbers!



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Asolo Rep takes Sarasota audiences "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" through July 1st

Asolo Repertory Theatre’s latest foray into theater appropriate for children is a thrilling ride taking the audience “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.” For Sarasota, a town punctuated by many beautiful bodies of water and home to a world-class sanctuary for sea life, the Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium, this play is the perfect entrée to the Jules Verne classic – fun and lighthearted but with an important message.…


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Eerie charm in store in world premiere of "Beatsville"

“Beatsville” is a hip new musical making its world premiere at the Asolo Repertory Theatre. The Asolo tends to explore new musicals in late spring; and I applaud the theater’s efforts to support something so crucial to musical lovers like me – new productions. The theater world places a heavy emphasis on revivals such as the first production of the Asolo season, perhaps the most perfect Broadway musical, “Guys and Dolls," which are as they say, "s'wonderful," it is also critical to expand…


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Brash bold and bombastic “The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity” delights at Asolo Repertory Theatre

Brash, bold and bombastic- "The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity" by Kristoffer Diaz is a truly original theatrical experience produced by the Asolo Repertory Theatre. Directed by the indomitable Jen Wineman, the black box Cook Theatre was transformed into a wrestling arena complete with laser lighting and rock music to pump up the excitement.…


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"Girl Groups: The ‘60s Explosion” at the Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe is one of the company’s best performances!

“Girl Groups: The ‘60s Explosion” at the Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe was my favorite show of the season and one of the company’s best performances. This show has everything Sarasota audiences love about WBTT. Artistic Director Nate Jacobs regularly designs shows that reintroduce some of the greatest songs ever written, interpreted by Broadway caliber performers for the WBTT’s loyal and adoring audiences.…


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Gomes turns in a performance for the record books in Sarasota Ballet's Tribute to Ashton

It helps to have friends in high places; and Iain Webb and Margaret Barbieri have ably used their considerable ballet pedigrees to great effect in the Sarasota Ballet decade of Webb. The company scored another major coup this past weekend as the first United States company to perform “Scenes de Ballet” by choreographer Sir Frederick Ashton and was joined by the larger than life ballet star Marcelo Gomes, principal of the American Ballet Theatre. The “Tribute to Ashton” event was everything I…


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"Born Yesterday" at Asolo Rep is an entertaining clarion call for civic education

Theater is a place of refuge; and Asolo Repertory Theatre’s Artistic Director Michael Donald Edward’s decision to develop a Washington Trilogy in the early weeks of a new administration is nothing short of brilliant. “The Great Society” was a cautionary tale; “The Originalist” was a peace offering extolling the search for common political ground; and “Born Yesterday” is a clarion call to energize citizens to reassert the founding principals of democracy.


Don’t get me wrong,…


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Ed Gero as Scalia wins hearts and minds in "The Originalist"

In these heady times where the Constitution is on everyone’s minds and lips, it was an unexpected pleasure to watch “The Originalist,” a play about famed and recently deceased Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, which premiered at Asolo Repertory Theatre on inauguration day.


Scalia’s death last year has thrown the Supreme Court into the forefront of political discourse. “The Originalist,” written by John Strand, premiered in Washington, D.C. while he was still alive. Edward…


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Ashton, Graziano, and Tuckett is a bonafied hit!

Nearly every time I see the Sarasota Ballet these days, I think to myself, they have reached an entirely different level and they have outdone themselves! In fact, this weekend’s performance of the powerful line up of choreographers Ashton, Graziano, and Tuckett was transcendent; and there are three remaining shows (tonight, tomorrow afternoon, and tomorrow night).


I was eagerly anticipating “Changing Light” by Will Tuckett, which I first saw in 2013, my…


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Asolo's The Great Society is a poignant and important history lesson

At a time when our nation is riveted to partisan politics, it is refreshing to take a page out of history with the Asolo Repertory Theatre’s “The Great Society.” Last year, the Asolo began our journey with President Lyndon Baines Johnson with the fabulous production “All the Way.” That production introduced us to the intriguing tête a tête between Martin Luther King Jr. and LBJ. In the “The Great Society” the two continued their dance - each one needing each other, slightly loathing each…


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"Jewels" - a perfect gift for the holiday season!

I have been eagerly anticipating the opening night of “George Balanchine’s Jewels” when all three pieces, “Emeralds,” “Rubies,” and “Diamonds” would be performed on one night; and the Sarasota Ballet delivered in spades.




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The Grand Tour through a Decade with Iain Webb

The Sarasota Ballet started off the season with a wonderful opener, “Walsh, Tudor, Graziano, and Layton.” To honor Iain Webb's 10th season with the Sarasota Ballet, the company restaged the classic “Wolfgang for Webb,” choreographed by Dominic Walsh. This was the first piece Webb commissioned for the Sarasota Ballet, so it was a fitting beginning to his decade celebration. This relatively exotic piece began with a diaphanous tarp covering the stage and our beloved dancers lifting…


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Ease on Down the Road to Check Out the New Production of "The Wiz"

Ease on down the road to check out “The Wiz” at the Westcoast Black Theatre Company through November 20, 2016. This timeless classic about Dorothy, a young woman searching for her way back home, is a tale of friendship, acceptance, and growing up. Dorothy, played with youthful exuberance by the radiant Khadijah Rolle, meets a cast of quirky characters on her journey. Rolle carries the show beautifully and is the moral compass at the center. As the cast swirls around…


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Check out the emotional and joyful production "How I Got Over" at the Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe

As our country is embroiled in a political battle where so much is at stake, there is a place of sanctuary in Sarasota at the Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe’s current production of “How I Got Over: a Tribute to Mahalia Jackson,” created and directed by WBTT’s artistic director Nate Jacobs. I am already a huge fan of WBTT, particularly the musical productions, and “How I Got Over” is among the very best of WBTT’s work.



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Float to the Asolo for British production "Hetty Feather" here until June 26th

“Hetty Feather” is a unique and perfectly British production, adapted from the best-selling book by Jacqueline Wilson, about an impish and courageous orphan who is determined to rise above her tragic circumstances through the power of her imagination.

Frequently, Hetty (played by the indomitable Chloe Mantripp) calls upon herself or other characters to “picture it” and take a journey of their minds to where they need to be. With a relatively sparse set and characters who play…


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Ashton and Balanchine - a pair for the ages

Sarasota Ballet knocked it out of the park again with its evening with Ashton and Balanchine. The Sir Frederick Ashton piece, “Enigma Variations,” debuting stateside, captured a classic setting in the late 19th century with some of the most elegant performances we have seen all season.…


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"The Sam Cooke Story" is a brilliant production about a singularly gifted artist

“The Sam Cooke Story” featured an incredible artist whose life was cut short under very suspicious circumstances. In a remarkable performance, Cecil E. Washington, Jr. was transcendent as Cooke, singing some of the most beautiful songs ever written and performed by a singular musician. Washington’s voice seemed to be touched by divinity with his dulcet tones and charismatic stage presence, he was perfectly cast as the prodigiously talented Cooke.…


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