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Be part of the future of AnythingArts.com!!

Hello Artists and Arts Patrons. As you likely read, in the latest issue of the AnythingArts.com Newsletter, at the end of this month Christine and I will once again be at the helm! Who knows what the future holds? Do we return to our old format and the all-inclusive arts newsletter? Do we add event promotion, theater production (SAW), acting seminars and workshops and videos back into our plan... the way it used to be? What about Arts Marketing and PR services? What do you need? What do you…


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12th Annual Sarasota Film Festival



April 9 thru April 18,…


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CASTING CALL for indie film

Hello there! State College of Florida is making a short student film, a ghost-murder-mystery set on an island in the Florida Gulf. Here's the breakdown of synopsis, characters, and locations; I'm trying to find as much help as I can, and Christine Alexander recommended I e-mail here to get this put out on the newsletter. Feel free to link it somehow or shorten it to save yourself space if you need, and please let anyone know who's interested to contact the writer/director, Dylan H. Jones, at… Continue

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Pioneer Picnic Information and Registration


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Got a Minutes?

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It is a well know fact that artists are some very caring people. We seem to see and feel more vibrantly. Here's a great chance to help hungry kids in our community.

Feeding Hungry Kids

In Sarasota County alone, more than 1,000 kids in kindergarten through third grade experience hunger. Many of them are also homeless. The Warren BackPack Program aims to end hunger for these children by picking up where state-funded programs… Continue

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About Sarasota

SARASOTA... Nestled along a beautiful stretch of Florida’s Gulf Coast, this dynamic and diverse community sits on the east shore of Sarasota Bay, a pristine environment whose west shores are formed by a series of barrier islands known as Longboat Key, Lido Key and Siesta Key. While much of the region’s vaunted quality of life revolves around Sarasota’s doorstep access to the Gulf of Mexico’s turquoise waters, miles of beaches and year-round harvests of seafood, this Art Town also… Continue

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Rick Hughes has furniture for sale

Peg and I sold our house and now have a bunch of furniture to sell. Click here to see photos of all the items below.

Virtual Tour of some of these items in our (sold) home.

Lexington Entertainment Center sacrificed at $470($1,700 new from Robb & Stucky) LIKE NEW!

64” W

63” H

23.5 D

** TV… Continue

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Looking for work in an artistic field?

Times are tough and seem to be getting a little tougher. Maybe this will help: use this Blog Space to place your resume or "dream job wish" for others to see.

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Featured Artist by Cliff Roles (as seen in AnythingArts.com Newsletter December 11, 2008)

Featured Artist

Linda Carson **to continue reading from the newsletter, start where the story is in BOLD**

By Cliff Roles, radio host 1220 AM Talk Of The Sun Coast, columnist SCENE Magazine

On her 65th birthday, Linda Carson's gift to herself was to join the "Luffing Lassies", part of the Sarasota Sailing Squadron, buy herself a 17' Pram sailing boat… Continue

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If your computer freezes when trying to use the Photo Uploader, read this

[The Ning Team - 11/29/2008 01:04 PM]

Hi Rick,

I'm sorry that your members are experiencing this issue! It sounds like your members don't have Javascript or Flash enabled properly. Could you please direct them to:

-make sure that Javascript is enabled on their browsers using this tutorial:… Continue

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Michael White's full autobiographical state from AnythingArtsNewsletter.com

(the section is bold is the part contained in the newsletter. The "normal" print is the continuation of this great story.... enjoy!

Michael White's Biography in his own words.

Well let’s see... I was born in 1964 in Campbell California, Michael James White. I was the son of a military man and a southern bell. I discovered art early drawing on and with anything I could get. Some of my first art work was done on the card board inserts from my mothers…

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Detlev Von Kessel took some great photos at the Women (everybody) for Obama Bridge Walk on Sunday October 19th. Estimates range in the 8-10,000 people range. What a great event!!

Click here for an aerial slideshow.

Click here for the photo gallery.

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What are you reading, Doug Knowlton?

To Walt Whitman, America by Kenneth M. Price. The University of North Carolina Press, 2006.

I come back to Walt Whitman,

What in the hell happened to him,

Wasn’t he a white man?

--June Jordan (1)

Here is something rare these days, like spats or an Edsel: a review of a book about a poet in a popular press publication. No worries though, this is not primarily about poetry but rather the arts, culture and social change in… Continue

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Starving Artist? Damien Hirst ART Auction Fetches Record $200 Million

Well, not all artists are starving, eh? Check this out: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/09/16/damien-hirst-auction-fetc_n_126993.html

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