I'm in rehearsal for Nickle and Dimed at the Venice Theater. Carole Kleinberg Directing. Opening in Nov. What are you doing?

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Saw you in Company Sat. night. Great job!!Loved the show! Carole is directing Little Women, yes?

Always a busy man! Hope I can catch you in one of those. Don't think I can do the GAM WAlk. Got rehearsal!
What's everyone else doing?
Just wrapped House of Blue Leaves. Will be doing a paid mystery dinner gig in Venice this weekend. Hope all is well with you and yours for the holidays.
I am in Romeo and Juliet at the Studio@ 620 in St Pete...previews Thurs at 7:30, plaus Fri, Sat at 7:30; Sun at 3 for the next two weekends. John
Ahhh... a whole Bunch of Stuff!
...Auditioning all over the place! (Tampa, Orlando, etc..), while in pre production for the film "Stalker". Doing the Soundtrack for the film as well as my first Solo CD - without the band...
...Also getting prepared for the latest cast of "Misplaced Players" of The Misplaced Comedy Group.
Oops, should have posted this here... Short film that I just did for Waddy World Productions in Ft. Myers. Hope you enjoy! http://www.dailyfilm.tv/video/integrity
I"m in rehersal for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels at the Venice Theatre. Brad Wages Directing. Opening Nov. 10th.
Good - what are the dates? Is Brad Wages part of a particular theatre group (local)?

Alan Raynor
The Latest cast of Misplaced Members are on a roll with 3 "Brand New" Podcasts!!!

- just click, find... and listen!

There's more fun and exciting things on the way!!
Just joined the group. It's good to see you all.

I've been in four films: Two supporting roles in short college films, one leading role in a short college film and a supporting role in an independent feature-length film. I've been more of a behind-the-scenes guy for the last few years and I miss acting. I'd love to get back into it, specifically film acting. Anybody got a small role I can use to prove myself? There are lots of pictures of me at Facebook. Contact me here or there if you're interested. Again, it's good to be here...


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